The Ultimate Success Planner – The Only Goal Oriented Planner System Out There

Ultimate Success PlannerThe Ultimate Success PlannER – Yep that is not a misspelling. Let me explain. The Ultimate Success Plan is something many others and I have used for several years to create great individual success. Several years ago when I was developing the Ultimate Success Plan, the best way I could figure out how to make it was in excel. It has worked well but I always had one challenge, and that was my daily planning.

High Standards Pave the Way

Standards-Pave-Way-Culture-EngineIs your team’s work environment engaging and inspiring or dull and frustrating?

Leadership Trait to Ponder: Fun

Leadership-Trait-Fun-Todd-Nielsen-ManagementToday the leadership trait to ponder is Fun. As leaders we can’t be slave drivers of ourselves and those we lead. While I am all about execution, it is important to also have some fun at work, as well as away from work, to recharge and be able to better focus. The dictionary defines Fun as: enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure; amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable. Below are some of my favorite quotes to help inspire and illustrate Fun. As you read these quotes, think about how you can exemplify this leadership trait in yourself.

UQ Power – Have You Got It?

Heidi-UQ-PowerSix months ago a wonderful and original book hit the world by my good friend Heidi Alexandra Pollard called, Power Up Your UQ: Boost Income, Influence, & Impact. I truly regret not sharing this book sooner, but life has been full of twists and turns that have made it difficult to get my review out. Heidi asked me to review the book last year and write the forward. I was honored when she asked me, but even more so after I finished the book. This book is like no other self improvement or leadership book you have ever seen, I guarantee it. Below is the forward I wrote, after reading it recently, I am  sure I could not write anything better to get you to want to read it.

Leadership Trait to Ponder: Punctuality

Punctuality-Leadership-Time-Management-Todd-NielsenToday the leadership trait to ponder is Punctuality. Punctuality is important to me since a leader’s time is almost always scarce. I have sat in many conference rooms with a number of other executives waiting for the leader or some other key member to arrive in order to begin a meeting.  I estimated in one meeting that the cost of waiting amounted to be in the thousands of dollars.

64 Things I Refuse To Do, So Just Accept It!

Leadership-Behaviors-Todd-NielsenLast week I shared an article called 64 Things Every Leader Should Promise.  That came from a project I was working on earlier this year in which I wanted to document all the promises that I believe a leader should make to the people he or she leads. Once I finished that list I realized it was not good enough. So I started another list that explained 64 things that I refused to do as a leader. While many of the items are similar to the promise list, many of these were just pet peeves that annoyed me. We all know the importance of “to do” lists and “will not do” lists, this is kind of like that.

Leadership Trait to Ponder: Focus

Leadership-Trait-Focus-Todd-NielsenToday the leadership trait to ponder is Focus.  The dictionary defines Focus as: the center of interest or activity; the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition; to pay particular attention to. I believe the ability to focus is an important trait of a leader. Below are some of my favorite quotes to help inspire and illustrate Focus. As you read these quotes, think about how you can exemplify this leadership trait in yourself.

64 Promises That Every Leader Should Make

Leadership-Promises-Todd-NielsenI have come to believe that as leaders we need to make promises to ourselves and to those we lead. Earlier this year as I was working on a project, I thought to myself, “What are the promises I make as a leader?” I have always had ideals and ways of doing things, but I had never written them out as promises and made them official. I thought about this for quite some time and after a while I came up with this list of 64 promises that leaders should make.

Leadership Trait to Ponder: Adaptability

adaptability-leadership-traitToday the leadership trait to ponder is Adaptability.  The dictionary defines Adaptability as: the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances; the ability to change your ideas or behavior so that they are suitable for different conditions, a new environment, or in order to deal with a new situation successfully. Below are some of my favorite quotes to help inspire and illustrate Adaptability. As you read these quotes on Adaptability, think about how you can exemplify this leadership trait in yourself.

Leadership, Do You Seek Excellence Only in Extremes?

leadership-extremesWhen we picture leadership, we often visualize strength, courage and boldness. All worthy traits. Yet great leadership also has its roots in listening, understanding, perspective, good judgment, and balance. This moderation provides a solid base of support for bold leaps that  prevent disasters.

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