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Costs Go Down, Quality Goes Up

A well-run board, whether it’s an advisory board or board of directors, is a very influential and important element of a company. My board participation works in two ways to help you maximize the potential of your company.

For smaller companies, which are often not able to fully utilize a board, I will take a board seat to provide the much-needed diversity, adding value to your organization. For bigger companies, I will work with your management team to work more efficiently with the board.

Business size and industry don’t matter. Board participation should be on your agenda and with my help it can be one of the biggest reasons for your company’s success.

Some Brilliant Benefits of My Board Participation

Some of the many benefits that my board participation offers include:

  • Impartial external perspective
  • Better corporate accountability
  • Improved executive management efficiency
  • Higher credibility with investors, partners and clientele
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes
  • Identification of management’s weaknesses shortfall and areas of improvement
  • Better public relations
  • Superior marketing performance
  • Strategic planning assistance
  • Foreseeing market and industry changes and trends

The Best Sounding-Board

Often, through board participation I play the invaluable role of a sounding board. This is extremely effective in brainstorming, discovering and assessing innovative business ideas and opportunities. Think about what you can stumble upon tomorrow with an external perspective to your board.

Getting the best out of your board begins with clearly identifying the board’s aims and objectives. If you’re chairing a board, you need to communicate to all board members what they are expected to do. My board participation services will help you do this.

Building a Board

If you are putting together a board, I will help you with that too. For instance you will learn what the optimal size for your board is. This will depend on several factors such as your company size, stage of development and the skill level of the board members required.

This will also enable you to hire the best candidates for your board. Some of the crucial steps for putting together a brilliant board I will help you with include:

  • Developing candidate profiles
  • Identifying industry experts
  • Soliciting recommendations
  • Discovering your candidates’ motivation
  • Maintaining diversity on your board
  • Identifying proven track records
  • Clearly communicating your boards’ aims and objectives

Pitfalls I’ll Help You Avoid

While helping you with the above, I will also provide my professional assistance with common pitfalls such as:

  • Incomplete board attendance
  • Insecurities of executives
  • Incompatible member profiles
  • Too many board members
  • Poor communication

You need a board, a well-run board, more than you think. When you pull together brilliant minds, great things are bound to happen. But there are few people who can help you to get started. There are far too many people who will tell you that you don’t need a board. Ignore them.

The Best Way to Start Utilizing Board-Power

With my board Participation you can assemble a remarkable group of people who will provide you invaluable insights, inspiration and strategies that will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

As your company grows, so will the functions of your board. But it has to start with a small, highly focused approach to utilize the board.

My board participation provides the perfect combination of advice, consultation and professional assistance to get you started. You can come to me as a CEO, senior manager or an entrepreneur. In any case, I will show you what it takes to make the most of a valuable board.

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