Why Climbing & Why The Logo?

Why Climbing

The Younger Years – Climbing in Oklahoma

Climbing has long been a passion of mine. I started climbing at the age of 14 in, of all places …Texas. Climbing was the perfect sport for me in so many ways. I loved the freedom, the adventure, and the idea that I could accomplish as much as I wanted to in climbing . Before I reached 19, I had climbed all over Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming. Additionally I had competed and won various climbing competitions, became assistant manager at a climbing gym, and organized the largest climbing competition at the time, in the state of Texas. Life happened to me, and climbing went on the sideline. It was in those years when, I was in many of those non-climbing endeavors, that the lessons of climbing came back to me in. There are so many lessons in climbing, and when I started my book,  It’s All About Execution: Transform Your Organization by Creating a Culture of ‘Getting Things Done,’ I started with a climbing story, a true climbing crisis that I experienced.

So throughout the site, and in my future writings, I will share more about climbing, share more of my climbing experiences; as well as the lessons learned, and how they apply to leadership and execution. I hope you enjoy the parallel and will join me on this climb!


The Logo


I spent a lot of time creating a new logo.  I wanted the logo mean something and contain symbolism that helped describe what what I do. Let me explain a few elements that might not be apparent and the meaning of the elements.

  • The Mountain represents the climb that all of us as individuals and organizations are always on. It represents the goals that we want to achieve, the hurdles we need to overcome, and the dreams that we want to make real. Once we get to the top of one mountain, there is always a new one to take us to higher success.
  • The Star at the top of the mountain represents the reward, the achievement that we partake of as we reach our goals. Everyone’s reward is different, but it is always a joy to partake of.
  • The Path represent the path that we must take to get to the goal. If one plans right, their plan will take them directly to the goal. I understand that the path is never easy and straight, but the better we get at execution and creating success for ourselves, the easier that path should be. It will never be obstacle free though.
  • The Color Green represents several things. First is that green means, “Go.” Execution is about action. We must always be growing, progressing, and moving towards greater success in life. Secondly is that green means “Profit.” Profit usually is tied to money, but it can be many things. Profit is part of the reward, it could mean a dream trip, paying off your debts, achieving a health goal, or many other things.
  • Todd Nielsen – My Personal Branding Coach told me I had to have this on there. 🙂
I hope you like it and can draw your own inspiration as you climb your way to success.

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