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I met Chris at an author marketing event in San Francisco, put on by Berrett-Koehler. We sat down next to each other and looked at one another and I think simultaneously raised our eyebrows at each other, and said, “Hey I know you.” We had interacted on Twitter but had not taken it any farther. I enjoy Chris’s enthusiasm, energy, and sense of humor. He is the one to blame for putting the podcasting idea in my head, and for helping me understand some of the ins-and-outs of it. Thanks Chris!
 S. Chris Edmonds
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 Driving Results Through Culture
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Conifer, CO (USA) 


S. Chris Edmonds is a corporate culture expert, executive coach, speaker, and facilitator. He helps leaders create high performance, values-aligned teams and organizations. Thousands of followers look forward to his blog articles and the quotes that he shares on his blog; as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook each day. In his free time, Chris is a working musician with Graystone Records recording artist Jones & Raine in Denver, CO, USA.

Randomness from Chris:

  • Mission/purpose: – To help leaders passionately create & maintain high performance, values-aligned teams.
  • Passion: – Values, people, culture, & music
  • Claim to Fame: – I’m a working musician on the side with Graystone Records recording artist Jones & Raine (

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