Goal Development and Tactical Execution Training for Businesses

Goal-Development-Execution-Training-Todd-NielsenBe a Master of Setting, Planning and Achieving the Boldest Goals

Difference between the Rare & Successful and the Rarely Successful

Success in business, as in any other aspect of life, invariably has two aspects; setting goals, and working to achieve them. The art of goal development and tactical execution is a trait shared by all successful business leaders and managers regardless of the industry they operate in, or the goals they set.

The ability to set goals and develop a tactical execution plan to achieve those goals determines things like whether a CEO gets to keep his job or whether an entrepreneur still has a successful business after its first year of operation.

Harvard Success

According to a study conducted on Harvard MBAs, 3% earned ten times more than the other 97% combined. The reason? The 3% had something the other 97% lacked – clearly defined goals and well… the thought-out plans to accomplish them.

That’s the power of goal development and the power of execution.

Goals are one of the most misunderstood, and feared aspects of leadership. There is one truth you just cannot deny, you can’t achieve goals without actually setting them. Moreover, in the wake of the economic recession and fierce competition, the need for learning the art of goal development has never been higher.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be a Harvard graduate to enjoy the same (or) more success than these 3%.

Whether you’re running a startup, managing a small-medium business or responsible for calling the shots in a large organization, you need to be a master at Goal Development and Tactical Execution. You need it to beef up your ability to set, work towards and achieve goals. My training will help you become that master.

Goal Development and Execution Should be Learned Together

The divorce between goal development and execution is one of the biggest reasons why most goals are not accomplished. Keeping the two together is a running theme in all of my consulting.

With my help you will learn how to achieve goals the correct and predictive way – all the while learning how to execute your plans on a tactical level. This will make you one of the rare (successful) business leaders who don’t separate goal development and execution.

The First Goal

The first goal for any entrepreneur, mid-level or top management executive should be to realize the importance of goal-setting and execution.

Many managers start thinking that since they’re playing with the big boys now, they need to leave the mindset they had with jobs lower down in the hierarchy. This can be good and bad.

While newly promoted C-level executives certainly need to up their game, there are some qualities they should still hang on to. One of these is the willingness to continue learning. The stakes are higher for top management, and so is their need to learn how to achieve their goals and to help their staff achieve goals.

When you continue learning and being coached and trained on goal development and tactical execution, you will be well on your way to achieving even the boldest of goals.

My training is geared towards helping a variety of professionals in various leadership capacities. The keenness to learn and achieve grand goals is the chief equalizer found in people who will get the most out of this training. Managers in different situations can take away different, pertinent lessons and tools from this training to help them be more successful.

Great things start happening for people who take the initiative to learn and actively explore ways of winning. Think about what you can achieve in the coming months and year. You don’t just have to think about it, you can experience it. Contact me today to learn how.

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