The International Leadership Blogathon – A Month In Review

Leadership Blogathon

For those of you that missed a few articles on the 2012 International Leadership Blogathon, here is a recap of all the articles.

I highly recommend you click through these and read the leadership insight collected here from around the world.




Article 1 – Andy Phillips from Columbia
Does Your Leadership Style Need To Change When Leading Internationally?

Article 2 – David Lapin from the USA / Canada /South Africa
Leadership Re-Imagined – Why the lessons of the Past Are Not Enough!

Article 3 – Hans Balmaekers from The Netherlands
Leaders in Beta: Testing What Works

Article 4 – Kimunya Mugo from Kenya
Lessons of Leadership & Culture From Kenya

Article 5 – Colleen Jolly from the USA / UK
Belief: The Underpants Gnomes Method of Leadership

Article 6 – Lora Crestan from Canada
Leaders …Let Go!

Article 7 – John Wenger from New Zealand
Leaders Hold The Power to Engage

Article 8 – Kimberly Bordonero from the USA
The Leadership Brand: How to Discover Your Personal Brand Persona

Article 9 -Oscar Capote Agudo from Spain
The People Will All Say, “We did this ourselves!”

Article 10 – Paul S. Allen from New Zealand
Leadership: It is not about you! Get over it.

Article 11 – Janne Ohtonen from Finland
Achieving Success with Personal Leadership

Article 12 – Amy Beth Miller from the USA
5 Ways Leaders Botch Communication – Without Saying a Word

Article 13 – Sandro Da Silva from Te Netherlands
Leadership: Do You Practice What You Preach?

Article 14 – David Hain from The U.K.
Lessons on Leadership and Life from a Football Match

Article  15 – Kamal Hassan from The United Arab Emirates
Leading from the Driver’s Seat

Article  16 – Sharon Malouf from The USA
Leadership Around the World Using Positive Power and Influence

Article  17 – Kai Roer  from Norway
Reflection as a Leaders Tool

Article  18 – Dave Bradley from The U.K.
Leadership is About Achieving Results (Which are Beyond the Ordinary!)

Article  19 – Debbe Kennedy from The USA
Leadership by Example: How to Ignite this Quality in Your Life and Work

Article  20 – Don Mercer from The USA
Followership: the Corollary to Leadership

Article  21- Ronny Snel from The Netherlands
Leadership Productivity Through Improved Energy

Article  22 – Glenn Wallis from The U.K.
Leaders: Know Thy Self

Article  23 – Rahul Meta from India
Be a “Karma Yogi”- The Leadership of Thoughts and Action

Article  24 – Richard Andrews from The U.K.
Really Useful Things Leaders Can Do In A Recession

Article  25 – Arohanui-Grace from New Zealand
Who is a Leader?

Article  26 – John Thurlbeck from The The U.K.
Leadership …In An Unstable World!

Article  27 – Becky Robinson from The USA
Why Social Media is Important for Leaders

Each of these writers would love to hear your comments and connect with you. You can do so on each of the pages above. Stay tuned for second annual International Leadership Blogathon in 2013!

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  1. Deepak Dhungel says:

    Thanks for the bulk of articles. Its amazing to have such resources at once.

  2. Looking forward to the Blogathon. Keep up the spirit Todd!