Power-fuel your Team for Success

Power-fuel-your-Team-for-Success-Frode-HeimenEveryone imagines leading the dream team but few of us get to lead such a team unless we build the team from scratch.  A team that has never played together will never play up to its potential in any sport—or business.  So how do we make the magic happen?

In this blog post, I will demonstrate a few things that work and how they can be implemented immediately out of the toolbox.

  1. Eliminate the “you versus them” mentality.
    You are an equal part of the team. Your role must be to get the best out of the team, so make sure to always use “we” in any form of communication.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of positive attitude.
    Teach the dramatic effects of a positive attitude and the impact of negativity. Model how each individual team member must consider the entire team. Each team member needs to contribute to the team’s success. If all play by this rule, the entire team will meet their goals and take care of each other as well.
  3. Encourage freedom to improve.
    If team members have ideas for improvement, create a space to test them out. Your job as a team leader is to eliminate obstacles to include company policies that prevent your team from meeting goals and achieving success.
  4. Focus on what matters.
    Learn the 80/20 rule and teach your team the concept. Find the 20% of errors that cause 80% of the trouble. Make sure the team knows how to prioritize and why.
  5. Buy some books!
    Create a small library of books relevant for your trade. Carefully select 2 or 3 copies of 15-20 trade books and keep expanding. Knowledge is never out of fashion. A growing library will improve understanding and creativity. Never stop learning and expanding your fund of knowledge unless you want your competition to drive by you while you’re in the pit stop!
  6. What matters to the company?
    Teach your team what’s considered important to you and your company and WHY—always remember the why. Your team will accept a change in task that now takes them 5 minutes longer to accomplish if they understand how it will save 10 minutes elsewhere in the company.
  7. Don’t keep secrets!
    Share your numbers! Let the team know how the company is doing. Whatever you make visible will improve. Try setting up two call centers, one with a queue-monitor and one without. Your team hates bad numbers just as much as you do.
  8. Don’t forget to include surprises and celebrations!
    Arrange a surprise lunch or show up with ice cream on a warm day. Run around in a batman costume just for the fun of it. Hide the bonus payout in an envelope taped underneath the desk. Of course, you can’t do this every day, but you can do it to show you care.
  9. Schedule no-agenda meetings.
    Give your team opportunities to voice their frustrations with the system or discuss new ideas. As a team leader, your job is to stay silent and LISTEN!
  10.  Welcome new members.
    This is a good time for cake and flowers. Most companies recognize employees with flowers when they leave. Well, it is much nicer to show gratitude when people arrive. Make sure that each team member also schedules a “one-on-one” meeting with you to get to know you as the team leader. Encourage present team members to be a vital part of training new team members.
  11. Teach the team about motivation.
    Learn how motivation works and empower your team with the tools to motivate each other.
  12. Thank their spouse/partner.
    If you have a team member who leaves their loved ones at home often because of late hours—here is a killer tip. Write a thank-you note to the one left at home thanking them for their patience. Explain to them how much you appreciate their sacrifice and/or flexibility. If you can’t be honest about it, skip it. But if you choose to write a thank-you note, don’t overdo it. Handwritten addressed notes should be directed to the spouse/partner and not your team member. How about a bonus gift or check to them?
  13. Winners are welcome!
    Be confident! If your team members are the best, tell them! Strive to be the best by hiring the best! Hire people with a positive attitude who pursue excellence.
  14. Help your team members build their careers!
    If members of your team dream of promotions, help them get it. If you contribute to others’ success, they will respect you. People will want to work on your team as you not only develop talent, but because you’re deeply committed to building their personal careers.

To become a great team leader you need to acquire skills in motivation, coaching and human behavior.” ~ Frode Heimen Tweet this!

You might be surprised to learn what really motivates high performance in people.

Knowledge and relationships are two key words to always remember. Build relationships and a thirst for knowledge, and you will create teams that outperform their competition over and over again.

Remember this is not an overnight delivery.  Building a team takes time.  Turning results around is not magic and it’s not impossible. Engaged employees outperform the average employee by far.  Remember to make sure your team is the engaged one.

What is your best power-fuel?


About Frode Heimen

Frode is born a cold November night in 1973. This Norwegian has customer service in his blood, a passion for leadership, coaching and motivation, Frode will always strive to engage and lift people around him. He has been blogging about these topics since 2007 and the author of "Becoming Great at Work". Sharing is caring is his motto, when you learn you must teach, to get, you must give. He lives in beautiful Åndalsnes, a tourist paradise with fjords and mountains all around. Close your eyes and imagine a postcard from Norway, and you will understand where he gets his inspiration.

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  1. Hello Frode,

    Thank you for sharing those helpful tips.It is indeed de dream of most leaders to work with a dream team. In my experience a lot of them never realise this becaiuse they do not take into account the group dynamics as already a long time ago described by Tuckman e.a.

    I’ve made a slideshare presentation about this http://www.slideshare.net/vision4dynamics/the-group-a-sevenheaded-dragon-13183567

    Kind regards,


  2. You have provided me with some great ideas to spice up my Monday morning 8 am Web-ex on Time Management. I also now plan to take some of the great books of my own personal library to work and start a success library at work. They aren’t helping anyone else by sitting on my shelf.

  3. Hello Frode H
    Thanks for this post. These tips are very important when success in leadership is in view. Motivation goes a long way in improving productivity. Motivated workers put in their best to see that success is achieved in a team.

    Kind regards
    Ogwo David

  4. Hi Frode. Thank you for this great post. I believe that anyone who has ever been a member of a truly high-performing team will never forget the experience – and will always wish to replicate that. Your tips above certainly provide the leader with a road map of how to inspire such a team. My favorite line above (in tip #5) … “Knowledge is never out of fashion.” I agree!!!

  5. Hi Frode

    I think your final point about helping people build their careers is especially important. \one of the key roles of a great leader must surely be to develop the talent of their team. Just look at the great football managers who take young talent and develop it. The player then becomes more valuable. If we look at how we can make our team players more valuable then we will end up with a more productive team. (Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could ‘sell’ our team member to their next employer so their development became a tangible asset to our business?)

    • Hi Dave. Like the football anology. I use football… or soccer as examples in my life. But yes. If you can provide a map for the future, you might end up with a person that actually stays for the future as well. I know I could stay for a long time if a new challenge was up ahead, and I would feel that the management would try to line me up to get it. I quit a job many years ago, they all knew I had ambitions, if they would act on this, I could still have been a resource for that company, now I am having the same future as I saw back then, but for another company.

      But selling and trading employees? Sounds like a fun thing, but imagine, if your not good enough and you need to sit on the bench while others do the work for a contracted period of 5 years.. 🙂 hehe.

  6. Hi Frode, thank you for sharing these tips! I do my best to implement these kinds of techniques, and find it amazing that not all teams are like these!
    I particularly like your tips on positive attitude, and demonstrating the strong force of the negative. I will bring on board your tip 8 – the surprises – one that I have not yet tried. According to motivational theory, and gamification theory, surprises are great motivators.
    Thank you again for sharing!

    • Thanks Kai. # 8 is a personal favourite 🙂 I have seen entire teams demotivated, so imagine the power they can create if they manage to re-fuel 🙂