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Leadership-Team-Training-Todd-NielsenFrom Competent Manager to Great Leader

Your Team – Their Performance, Your Performance – Their Success…

For entrepreneurs and business managers, there’s no better feeling than having led a team, department or company to outstanding success. Unfortunately, not many get to experience this feeling. The reason is, because not everyone gets to be in a managing/leading position, and those who do, often aren’t able to follow through.

There’s always room for improvement. This adage becomes a hundred-times more relevant the moment you step into the shoes of a manager. As a department head, team lead, company CEO or an entrepreneur, you need to get the best out of the people working under you.

Your ability to manage, lead and influence colleagues whom you are responsible for will dictate their performance, which will essentially be your performance.

Brandishing the Double-Edged Sword

A business leadership position is like a double-edged sword; the magnitude of both potential success, and failure is increased. The stakes are higher and you are responsible not just for your actions, but that of others. This is not something that everyone handles easily, but with the right training, you most certainly can.

Whether it’s the ability to inspire or maintain discipline, hold people accountable, or more, leadership entails a lot of qualities. My Leadership and Team Training is designed to deliver that. The training puts an arm around you and takes you through all the essential, often eye-opening facts, techniques and inspirational lessons on leadership.

One of the first and most important things leadership training and coaching does is help you realize your leadership potential. You will become a significantly more confident and inspirational business leader.

Build Your A-Team

By offering you great leadership and team training, I’ll enable you to build your A-Team. The training or coaching will teach you how to develop a team that is the best in its class. Such a team can achieve even the boldest of goals, and when it does, guess who gets the lion’s share of credit and praise? The leader at the helm of that team! You can be that leader.

You can use your newly acquired skills to go from being a competent manager to a great leader. A leader trumps a manager any day and twice on Sunday. Sure, you will retain your managing title and duties if you’re working in a company, but you will go beyond that.

People, inside and outside your team/department will respect you not just as a manager, but as a great leader. For your superiors, you will be an invaluable asset. For subordinates, you will be someone for whom they happily give their all.

What You Will Learn

Armed with the knowledge of Leadership and Team Training, you can carve out a remarkable career as a top-level executive or as an entrepreneur.

With proper leadership and team training you learn how to:

  • Influence your team members
  • Create trust within your team, department or company
  • Clearly define your team/department’s purpose
  • Build a strategic link between your goals and your team’s work
  • Align talent, processes and execution
  • Motivate subordinates and keep them inspired
  • Build healthy conflict and trust
  • Assess potential team members

By utilizing the above and more, it becomes much easier for you to achieve your goals.

It doesn’t even have to be just one team or department. If your designation makes your responsible for multiple teams/departments, you can certainly use my Leadership and Team Training to lead a bevy of professionals.

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