Leadership Trait to Ponder: Trust

Trust-Leadership-Leader-Todd-Nielsen-TraitToday the leadership trait to ponder is Trust.  The dictionary defines Trust as: the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Over the years, I have grown to value this trait greatly, it is so easy for a leader to lose the trust of their staff through one false move. If a leader does not take the time to build trust among their staff, and to avoid things that betray that trust, their ability to lead will be greatly diminished. Below are some of my favorite quotes to help inspire and illustrate this trait. As you read these quotes, think about how you can exemplify this leadership trait in yourself, and build trust among those that you lead; it might take time, but it is worth it.

Quotes on Trust

It takes 20 year to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” ~ Warren Buffet

The glue that holds all relationships together – including the relationship between; the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” ~ Brian Tracy

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough.” ~ Frank Crane

Wise men put their trust in ideas and not in circumstances.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Put more trust in nobility of character than in an oath.” ~ Solon Ancient Greek Lawmaker

Trust, but verify.”  ~ Ronald Reagan

When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to synergy, interdependence, and deep respect. Both parties make decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best, what is valued most highly.”  ~ Blaine Lee

We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversation with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk.” ~ Thomas Moore

What do you think about when you ponder trust and what can a leader do to build trust with those they lead? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

About Todd Nielsen

Todd Nielsen helps organizations create miracles of success and profitability through the power of execution. Having served as Vice-President, President, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of organizations, he has learned how to create a culture that "Gets Things Done." He is passionate about leadership, and is a dynamic and inspirational speaker.


  1. Trust is the only kind of influence that really matters …
    Without showing us trustworthy people will not trust and do business with us.

    Trust begins at home. How can I receive trust and love when I don’t trust my partner?
    And trust begins with our children. How can our children learn to develop the right feeling to trust when they are adults when their parents don’t trust them?

    A leader has to trust himself first, has to trust his abilities, his authenticity and his own success to be able to encourage his followers and his target group.
    Trust has something to do with knowing what to do, being clear about the own function and knowing what responsibility a leader has to fulfill. Only when we are aware about our own person, character, behavior and responsibility we are able to inspire and teach other people the right leadership and create trust

    Best regards

    Karin Sebelin

    • Thanks Karin, you have added a lot of food for thought, which is the point of this series, to really ponder how these traits could influence us to be better leaders. Trust truly is high on the list and encompasses many areas of our lives. Thanks for your well written thoughts.

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