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Coaching-Mentoring-Todd-NielsenGet the Power of Mentoring and Coaching on Your Side

Great People Have Great Mentors

Alexander the Great had Aristotle, Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan. Who do you have?

Great people had great mentors and coaches. They were fortunate to have utilized the power of mentoring and coaching. No, I don’t have the audacity to compare myself to the likes of Aristotle or Ben Kenobi – not real, but still a solid example. As someone though who has mentored and coached numerous managers and professionals, I do have specific skills and experience to help you reach your objectives.

You need coaching, more than you think. When do people need mentoring and coaching? They need it when they want to achieve greater success. So basically people always need mentoring, unless they don’t want to move ahead in and improve their lives.

For business managers, the power of mentoring and coaching can mean the difference between enjoying a great career and going out of work.

Need for Coaching in Current Conditions

A mentor or coach helps you accomplish your goals. A coach can guide you to meet targets, land better jobs, get promoted and many more things. Considering the current economic climate, a coach’s work means much more than that. The prevailing economic condition makes the role of a mentor that much more valuable. Today, many people need mentors even to just hold their jobs. This means that as a middle-manager, top-level executive, or entrepreneur, you are against tough competition.

Every job, every promotion, every client and every dollar has too many eyes vying for it.

Will you make the cut? Since you’re reading this, I think your odds are improving!

A mentor can make all the difference. A teacher, counselor and advisor all wrapped into one, a mentor can help you plan and execute a great career.


Your individual growth and improved performance are my main goals as a coach. To achieve this goal I utilize a range of proven techniques and methodologies.

The idea is to simulate your self-discovery, which may involve posing powerful questions and carrying out thought and field experiments.

Mane coaches specialize in certain fields. I specialize in YOU. The best coaches and mentors understand the diverse needs of professionals in different scenarios. Mentors who don’t understand this, end up causing more harm than good. You can come to me regardless of the type of job you hold or your goals.

Having a mentor and/or a coach can be very helpful for your career development in your company.

Achieve Specific Goals

Coaching can help you reach a wide-range of goals and objectives. While an individual’s goals can be far ranging and far reaching, my focus as your coach is always and you and whatever it is that you want to achieve

Some of the specific professional goals I can help you with include:

  • Improving organizational effectiveness
  • Creating an executive presence
  • Managing conflict at work
  • Enhancing strategic thinking
  • Building an efficient team, department or company
  • Better performance management
  • Managing a career transition
  • Overall management of your career and personal changes
  • Planning and goal development

You will enjoy the best guidance, advice and support. From inspiration to actionable steps, you will take away the most important lessons from my coaching program. Whatever you think you can achieve on your own, you can achieve a hundred times more with the right coach or mentor. Why risk not enjoying such huge success?

Contact me today to learn more about the my Mentoring and Coaching program.

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