The Ultimate Annual Personal Success Plan – My Confession, A Lesson Learned, & A Super Cool Sneak Peek

Success-Plan-EmbarrassedFor those that have been following the ultimate success plans posts, you know that this has been a pursuit that I have been perfecting for over 3 years. I have a big and embarrassing confession to make though. You see, when I first started preparing to write the Ultimate Personal Success Plan e-Book and the posts for this new version; I actually wasn’t sure how it was going to end. Due to some successes, failures, and struggles I had in 2012, I knew I needed to make some changes to the plan, but I wasn’t sure what to do. So I delayed, and delayed as long as I could.

The really embarrassing part of this is that I consult with organizations on creating a culture of execution in organizations, and here I found myself, utterly failing to execute because I was not sure of the direction I was going in. I tell my clients when they are struggling with this same problem that it is usually better to start executing in any direction, than no direction. I also felt compelled, OK stressed to start the posts because many were asking me for it.

So I took my own advice and just started writing, i.e. executing, in hopes that the answer would work itself out. Two weeks and 4 posts into the writing and I still was not sure exactly where this was going, nor what I was missing. Then it all came together. A friend sent me something that gave me an idea. That idea then blossomed, and then blossomed again, and again, and again until I had created something I was passionate about and confident about. Now I truly feel like I have the recipe for the ULTIMATE ANNUAL PERSONAL SUCCESS PLAN, and IT’S AWESOME!

Everything that has been written so far is valuable for this plan. So don’t worry if you think I wasted your time. I have greatly extended the power of the plan and built huge changes to make for a more successful year, but more than that, I have created an execution structure for your success plan. The images below are of a self-contained excel workbook. This is a thing of beauty, because it not only lets you define everything, and there are some important new parts to define, but it lets you track your progress the whole way. It has a completely self-contained dynamic database to keep the sheet clean throughout the year.

Images for the NEW Ultimate Annual Personal Success Plan!

This is the page where you will define all the parts of the success plan for the year. I’ll be writing more about the components in another post.



This is the monthly goals sheet. This is where you will track your your progress each month. Again, I will be writing more about this in another post.


Next is the most important sheet and the one you will use the most. It is the Weekly Planning, Tracking & Review sheet. This is the first part of the sheet. There is a drop down that connects to an internal excel “database” so you can track your goals all year long.  It’s super cool, and provides part of the execution structure I mentioned earlier. I will explain this in more detail in a later post.


The second part of the sheet is for tracking habits and reviewing your week. How can you be a success without mastering your habits and constantly reviewing your progress. More on this in a future post!


Below is a report for reviewing all of your consolidated reports from the weekly review section. This will be great to tracking yoru progress over the course of the year. More in another post…


You can’t have a cool excel workbook, nor success plans, without a dashboard. This dashboard tracks your achievement ability over the course of the year. Much more on this is forthcoming…



Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. I hope you are excited to have the best year you have ever had!

About Todd Nielsen

Todd Nielsen helps organizations create miracles of success and profitability through the power of execution. Having served as Vice-President, President, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of organizations, he has learned how to create a culture that "Gets Things Done." He is passionate about leadership, and is a dynamic and inspirational speaker.


  1. Jakob Thorndahl says:

    Looks great – will try to apply your concept to the 2013-planning process.

  2. Looks excellent, I’m looking forward to more detail! I love the look of the dashboard; like you said, everyone wants the up-to-date snapshot!

  3. It looks like the perfect tool. I subscribed.

  4. Todd, it’s obvious that you have put a great deal of thought into the system and the motivators. Looks great!

  5. Looks great, Todd!

  6. Thanks for sharing Todd. It’s a great tool!

  7. Hi Todd

    As Tim says it really looks a thing of beauty and I particularly love the sound of its inter-connectivity! Go for it my friend and leave the self-doubt behind!

  8. I have just gone through what you describe here. For me it was an issue of ‘self-doubt’ as I wrote my book. When I started off, everything looked very clear and the direction was set. Towards the end, I developed heavy lethargy in getting it out for review. Just the thought that the book might not ‘cut it’ gave me the creeps. Great you had the courage to share your struggles. In sharing them, you make all of us a little stronger!

  9. Awesome stuff Todd. I can easily see how this tool will be super useful. I need it to! You have a nice product here.

  10. That’s a thing of beauty. Nice job! I can see how easy it would be to put that to use.


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