Podcast Todd Nielsen - Life is a Climb

Through the encouragement of a friend and the prodding of others, I am going to start on this journey of podcasting very shortly. I am really excited to enter the Podcasting world and believe it is a great avenue to learn and grow. I personally prefer listening to books, so it is just natural to want to listen to other self-development material.

When I start, I will first be sharing podcasts that are some of my favorite blog posts, some on this site and some on other sites I have written for – with some additional information and detail thrown in. I will also talk about and bring on guests to share their insight on various topics that have to do with Leadership, Management, Execution, Careers, Self Development, Life, and Success.

I also might stray a little into technology, productivity, social media, and marketing. I plan to use it as a venue to answer questions from readers and that I get on social channels and in comments. Once I get into the groove of things I will begin recording my blog posts on a regular basis for those that would rather keep up with me there, instead of reading posts, and then move ultimately move onto dedicated shows and dedicated topics.

I am super excited and have a mountain of ideas I want to share. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment below,  send me a message on the contact page, or leave me a voice-mail using the app on the right side of the screen.

Check back soon to get find all the details about how to follow the podcast.

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