Above is a video testimonial from Benden Howe the CEO of TDCNet, a computer support company based in Toronto, Canada. Brendan’s company experienced a massive 24.5% profitability increase within 3 months after the Revitalize Workshop, and they achieved their annual profitability target within 4 months of the workshop! WOW – and his team is still kicking butt in Toronto!


Todd was a brilliant asset to our annual planning meeting. He brought an objective side to the table that helped us get away from our niches and move into broader, future-based thinking. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an advisor or consultant. ~ Shikha Dhawan


Todd has been a vital resource as I launch my new company. I’ve never done this before and Todd has been able to keep me on the right track. From the creation of my Mission and Vision statement to the steps necessary to bring my first product to market, working with Todd has been great. I’m only a few months away from the official launch and with Todd’s help, I know that it can actually make it a huge success.Thank you Todd!” ~Kraig Strom


My professional relationship with Todd began as a personal mentor that met with me weekly as an accountability partner. I was personally struggling with execution and getting the right things done in my personal life. That experience crossed over into my professional life and I realized that execution of a leader is not isolated at a personal level or just a business level; execution permeates every aspect of a person’s life or at least it should. Using his unique, proprietary execution program, I began making changes not only in my personal life, but in the day-to-day operation of our business. We now have a formalized mission and vision and all of our departmental goals are aligned to support that mission and vision. We have been given the tools to track our progress and implement accountability at all levels of the organization. We have been able to reduce our expenses and streamline some of our processes just by bringing focus to them through the execution process. These are tools that my team is using in their personal lives as well. I highly recommend Todd’s program to all organizational leaders; it forces you to stop and think about the big picture and what is really important to you and helps you layout a path to get there. ~ Diana Spurgus


Before Todd’s execution workshop, our company had goals and we’d sometimes meet them, sometimes not. Day-to-day work always seemed frantic as we were busy, but we never really knew if we were on track to meet goals or how we we’re doing. The workshop has taught us to more closely define our business focus and then plan our execution in a different way that ensured no one could get off track.  We are working to incorporate Todd’s methodology in everything we do, from managing client projects to employee management and to just knowing what’s most important to work on.  We are on a sure path for steady, controlled growth as this method just can’t go wrong.” ~ Matt Jurcich


I attended Todd’s execution workshop recently and was extremely impressed with his knowledge and delivery of the information. It is extremely valuable. I have a lot to learn, but know I can count on Todd for support and training – and I’m confident that I am on the right path to success. I recommend his workshop and coaching for businesses of any size.”  ~ Joe Dunne


Todd has a brilliant talent at identifying the weaknesses and roadblocks of business systems. However, unlike others with similar skills, he does not get this done by a ‘my way of the highway’ mentality. He gets it done by being an exceptional leader of team effort. However, what I admire about Todd are his leadership qualities that allow him to organize a team and hold them accountable for the deliverables, while at the same time coach and mentor them in a way that the power of the team becomes greater than the sum of the parts.” ~ John Tate


We have been struggling with defining a clear cut mission, vision and company values statement for our company for some time. We attended a workshop Todd put on. He has an uncanny ability to clarify and focus your thoughts, and we came away from the weekend with a clear Mission Statement, Company Values breakdown and a vision for the company and an execution plan to achieve our vision. I believe it will greatly benefit any business owner to attend his workshop.” ~ John Hill


If you are struggling with the vision of your company and setting goals to move the company forward, I know the person to help you. My business partner and I spent a weekend going through Todd’s workshop. John and I both walked away with a Mission Statement, the Company Values, and a clear vision for the company with goals on how to get there. I highly recommend any business owner to go through his workshop.” ~ Elizabeth Hill


I have been honored to work with Todd. He is a goal oriented, execution driven executive with tremendous insight into how to motivate people to do better than their best while still having fun at work. Todd is a delightfully pleasant leader, always smiling and laughing, but still serious about getting results. After 23 years of Active Duty Military experience, I’ve seen many leaders – good and bad at very high levels. Todd has my respect and trust and I give him my highest recommendation.” ~ Russell Wall


Working with Todd has allowed me to see setting and achieving goals at its best. He is one of the most organized and persistent people I know. I enjoy working with Todd and look forward to continuing to work together. Thank you, Todd, for all of the great examples and ideas you have shared with me.” ~ Michele Miller


Todd is the type of colleague that I learn something new at every conversation. His insight and vision are keen, however, it’s his passion for continued learning is what sets him apart from other executives. Todd not only wants to continue to grow in knowledge, but works to ensure everyone in the organization does as well. The way he values associates is encouraging as he works to create a collaborative environment. ~ Craig Baker


Since working with Todd Nielsen, I have found him to be the consummate professional. Todd demonstrates solid skills of leadership and management, specifically, his ability to set a vision and define the related goals and outcomes desired from this vision. He then translates this to tangible results and metrics. He is willing and able to hold his team accountable for their results, but he is also there to coach and mentor to help them achieve. His results are evident with solid improvement and a team that works well together.” ~ Dave Davenport


Wow, what can I not say about Todd! His business insight into the details of operations have helped me improve my company.” ~ John Rutkowski


Todd Nielsen is a bright, knowledgeable executive who knows how to build business and earn profits. My company works with over 100 Solution Providers across the United States, and we get to meet and interact with hundreds of executives. Todd impresses me because he has strong sales comprehension, yet understands how business operates and how organizations function to get results.” ~ Mike Schmidtmann


Todd took a big picture view towards addressing company issues, and the interchange we had on business concepts resulted in better results. Todd is always interested in personal and professional improvement in both himself and the people he works with, which is inspiring and admirable.” ~ Randy Wear


Todd takes leadership to a new level. He is a student of the skills and demands it takes to be the best in management. Whether it is in the teams he leads, the articles he authors or his blog contributions, he brings a new insight and perspective to – life at the helm” ~ Glenn Thompson


Todd is an extremely organized, motivated, knowledgeable, and efficient person. He is a masterful team leader and strongly committed to life-long learning. He is a person that can always be counted on.” ~ Beverly Kile


Todd is detail oriented, and focused on execution. He is a highly motivated leader, who combines solid people skills with operational excellence.” ~ Tim Shea


Without reservation, I am confident is saying that Todd has an exceptional character and work ethic. He is very systematic in his goal setting, tracking, and achieving. He is also one of the most generous people I know. While discussing my personal challenges with goal setting within my company, Todd graciously offered to coach me on aligning my team’s goals with our company goals. I would personally vouch for him in any capacity.” ~ Fred Reck


Todd, saw the potential in me and helped me realize it myself. He showed me the tools and how to use them. If was not for Todd… I don’t believe I would have made it as far as I have.” ~ Paul Schroeder


Todd is dedicated to helping those around him set and achieve their goals. He has helped me formulate my personal and business goals in a way that I had not explored in the past. He is committed to ongoing accountability. Todd does not shy away from giving or receiving effective critical feedback.” ~ Kraig Strom


Todd is one of smartest guys I have ever met. He is very organized… every time we have meeting, he always says something profound that makes everyone take a step back and think.” ~ Daniel Wang


I have worked with Todd on a number of different projects and in various situations. I am continually amazed with his organization, discipline, persistence, and thoroughness. His project management skills are unmatched. I can recommend Todd without reservation. He is an asset to any team he is a member of.” ~ Doug Hulme


Todd Nielsen’s integrity and leadership; along with his attention to detail and dedication, is why I find extraordinary value in working with Todd. If you want uncommon results, you want to partner with Todd.” ~ Tim Foster


I’ve come to know Todd as an effective leader and a customer service focused executive. Keeping a group of professionals from different companies geographically dispersed, on task, is no small task. However, Todd handles it with skill and efficiency. Todd uses his meticulous project management skills to keep everyone on task and motivated to achieving their goal. He also applies his troubleshooting expertise and critical thinking to our group meetings to get the most out of everyone in the group.” ~ Greg Cordle


Todd is hard working, bright, and sticks to the task until the job gets done. He is always willing to give his best at whatever project he is leading. He is honest and fair in his business dealings. What more can you ask of a business partner? ~ Brent Fisher


Last year I followed and practiced the Ultimate Success Plan. My results were awesome! The net operating of my business doubled, we had the highest income of 18-years in business, I doubled my team, I purchased a second home and a building for my business. Thanks to the Ultimate Success Plan, my actions were planed and thought out. I’m working my plan again in 2013 and shooting for the stars! Thank you Todd for a fantastic framework to ensure my actions are in alignment with my goals!” ~ Tim Foster