Uber-Magnificent 2.5 Book Launch – I Need Help & I’m Willing to Give BIG!

Todd Nielsen's Uber Rewards

I have been on the receiving end when authors have asked me to help them with their book launch, and I don’t want to
make the same mistake that many of them did. What I mean is that  lots of authors think it’s all about themselves. They get overwhelmed and they just want everyone to pitch in and help them. I think there is a different way to do this, so I am going to go in a completely different direction from the typical book launch, this direction is toward helping you.

What I want to do is serve and reward YOU for your help. So I have designed a book launch plan, that rewards you with things such as cash, swag, products, and a massive promotional effort by me, of YOU! I want you to get much more out of my book launch than me. I believe that if I create value for you, that you will be more motivated to help me; but the act of me helping you will endure well beyond the launch week. When I mean I am going to serve you, I really mean it. I have created a detailed launch plan that will guide you in every step of the way. I have even automated certain portions to make it hands off or much simpler for you. I will provide you with guides, suggestions, templates, samples and a lot of other great information to make it super easy for you.

If you think I am full of it, take a look at the rewards under each of the packages, and then look at the requirements. Just click on titles on the left. The rewards are what you get for doing the work (i.e. requirements) that I am I am asking you to do to spread the word of my book.  So browse each of the packages, pick one that works for you, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page of the option you want in, or go to the À-La-Carte tab to make your own plan. Let me know what you think of these rewards and let me know if you have ideas for other rewards. I look forward to working together.

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  1. I’m in Todd … The Cloud story really resonated with me on missed opportunities. So many bad things can get in the way of good things in the course of a day or week, it’s all about priorities, especially in the start-up or book launch world!


  2. olushola jimoh says:

    [wptabtitle post=”3383″]The Uber – Apprentice[/wptabtitle]

    Hi Mr. todd

    Will be glad to learn and be of value to you anytime.


  3. Maria Garcia says:

    It will be a great honor to be in some way part of this book promotion. I can do what ever you want for me to do I’m flexible! 😉 Book, review, tweets, anything!!! at your will please let me know

  4. Hi Todd,

    We are most delighted to be involved in reviewing and promoting your book. Please make us part of the team.

    All the best!

    The Corporate Prof. Team

  5. Hey Todd,

    Great plan. I’m available to review and promote your book!

    kind regards / greetings from The Netherlands,


  6. I would like to sign up for UberMaster to support you in your book launch.

  7. Hi Todd–

    So coincidental that you’d be offering this opportunity. I’m in the midst of rebranding my blog/website and am about to launch a web show to go along with it: The Ben Franklin Follies. I’d planned to reach out to you for an interview.

    Your book and leadership work would be a great fit for where I’m taking The Ben Franklin Follies.

    Signing up as Uber-Master and I hope I can schedule an interview with you to be on of the first on my new show.

    Best to you,


  8. Wow! I’m in! Promoting others seems to be what I do best. As a servant leader I understand the value in helping others. I gain so much in the process. Great blessings to you as you embark and uber excited to be in the Masters Group!

  9. Hi Todd,

    As always you know you can count me in! As Kimunya said so eloquently, let’s get his thing rocking!

    John 🙂

  10. Todd – as always, you know that you can count me in! As Kimunya said so eloquently … let’s get this thing rocking!


  11. Todd, I publish a blog – The Development Sherpa – I frequently post about ideas from new books and reference the books. I don’t need anything other than to pay this forward as I may publish a book this year.

    Contact me if I can help! And, best of success with the book.

  12. Great to have this going Todd. You have my full support. Let’s get this rocking!

  13. Hi Todd,

    If you still need people to help with your review, I’m available.


  14. Todd,
    I would be honored to me reviewer of your new book and social media blasts.
    You were one of the very first experts on leadership I have followed on Twitter. Let me know more and let’s make it happen! -Thomas J. Starr

  15. Todd,
    I want you to know that I would be happy to do a review on your new book and social media blasts! You were one of the very first leadership twitter family I followed (and you followed back of course!) and I have been following your posts and tweets ever since. Thanks for your encouragement, persistence, and leadership in the Twitter world! Let me know more and let’s make it happen! -John C. Buckley


  1. […] Uber-Magnificent 2.5 Book Launch – I Need Help & I’m Willing to Give BIG! […]

  2. […] Uber-Magnificent 2.5 Book Launch – I Need Help & I’m Willing to Give BIG! […]

  3. […] Uber-Magnificent 2.5 Book Launch – I Need Help & I’m Willing to Give BIG! […]

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