Yes, I Would Love to Help Promote You!

Yes-I-Would-Love-to-Promote-YOU!I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around. I feel that if I can help to bless other people’s lives; when the time comes, perhaps that same generosity will come back when I need it. I am not offering this in hope that you will want to help me, but I am offering it because I can, and I want to help others. So let me explain some ways I am willing to help you.

The Ultimate Blogroll (i.e. “Friends Around The World”)

I hate blogrolls, they just seem so lame and boring, so I created the ultimate blogroll. If you have not checked in out, head over and take a look at the “Friends Around The World” page. I am providing complete profiles for my friends that I want other people to know about. Some of these people I have met in person, some I have had phone calls or Skype sessions with, some we have just emailed back and forth; but there is always a relationship of some sort. Perhaps they have helped me with something; or I have helped them with something, perhaps they are an author I admire, etc…

To get on this page, you have to be invited, but I am not opposed to developing new friendships. So please reach out to me, give me some suggestions on improving my work, my promotion, my social media, teach me something, send me your book to read, comment on some posts, and follow-up with me, etc… All I am saying is be a friend, let me get to know you and learn to like you and your work, and you will probably be invited.

 What does this do for you?

  • It provides a backlink to your site from a reputable website.
  • It tells my followers, that I like you.
  • I tag the article with your expertise to generate better search traffic.
  • I provide links to all your social profiles, books you have written, or other content for people to further connect with you.
  • I provide a rolling section in the footer of every page that rotates through all the friends to further expose you to my followers.
  • We get to be friends J

Book Reviews

Aaah the ever sought-after book review. I love reading, I love writing, so book reviews are a good outlet for me. I get lots of books sent to me. From the onset they all seem like great books, but because of the sheer volume, I have a hard time getting through them all, and then the time to write a good post. I don’t write just plain old book reviews though; I create thoughtful post about the topic, which the book covers. I throw in some quotes from the books and a testimonial of sorts and try to make the post more of an article versus a book review. I know I have helped sell quite a few books. Of course I have to like the book.

 Here is how you can get me to like your book:

  • Write a good book about a topic I like. (Anything around the broad topic of leadership and self-development, marketing, social media, etc…)  I am open to other book topics at times. Just check with me.
  • Audio! NOT A SINGLE AUTHOR has ever offered me an audio version of their book. If you have an audio version, it will instantly go to the front of the pile. Of course the first point above needs to apply.
  • Hardcover/Papercover:  Yep send that along. Even if you send me an audio version, the text version is helpful when writing the post, looking up quotes, etc.. I know most will be sending their paper books instead of audio, which is fine. Show me some autograph love if you can :-).
  • Send Helper Docs: It is great if you can send me: an executive summary of the book, author bio, quotes from the book, what problem the book solves, who the book caters too, etc… All this helps me to come up with an awesome post or video that people will find interesting, which results in more book sales for you.
  • Time Frame: Let me know if you have a launch date. Don’t send the book a week before that launch date. The longer the notice the better. A few months is great. If you don’t care when the book review is then no worries.
  • Bookmark: Ok this might seem like a lot of work, but I am as busy as you are. I have a pile books as high as me, which have been sent to me to read, and many authors seem to write some stinking long books. Often the book I choose to read next, is right before I fly out on a  trip, I look at the pile, look at the sizes, and think, ”I can finish that one this trip. (looking at thinnest one),” and that is the one that comes with me. So if you were to provide some of the other things I mention, and then send me book with bookmarks and notes to sections I should look at, well the ball will probably be get shifted to your court, cause I will pick your book. If you can’t so that, then at least an email with page numbers and such.
  • Don’t send me pre-written articles: I will not publish content on my site that is written for another publication. So just don’t send it.
  • Call me: Yeah seriously, spend 10 minutes of your time, and talk with me about your book, (authors only, not PR). Take a few minutes to develop a relationships and tell me a little about yourself and the book, and who it helps, will go along way.

 Guest Posting Here

I love guest posts. Take a look at the Guest Posting Guidelines page and contact me if you are interested.


Bundled Products/Sell Your Stuff

Not out of the realm of possibility. I am open to your thoughts and ideas on this.


You Want Me to Promote Your Product/Software/Online Service

It has to be a product that I would use, one that makes me more successful and productive. Generally if you want me to promote this kind of product on my site, then I need to test it, i.e. give me a free copy.


You Want Me To Guest Post for Your Site

I put a lot of work in writing and promoting guest posts that I write at other people’s sites. I love to do this when it is right for me. Because it takes a lot of work I have to be selective. Here are some questions I ask before I choose to do this:

  • Does anyone go to that site? I don’t want to spend lots of time working on a post, promoting it, and then not see any comments or sharing. I usually look at Alexa and other sites to help determine if the site is visited much.
  • Will it be worth my time? Maybe it will bring followers to me, clients to me, develop new relationships? Help me understand.
  • What are you going to do to promote the article? See my guest posting guidelines to read what I expect of guest posters here, if you can’t do that then we may not have a match.


Social Media

You want me to share some posts of yours, or tweet your blog articles when new posts come out? I do this for a decent number of friends. Develop a relationship, write good stuff, and reciprocate, and I would be happy to do this.


Promote Your Event

If the event is something that would benefit my followers I would be happy to help promote it, especially if you invite me. 🙂

Other Promotion Ideas

I am sure there are many more ways I could help you. Please fill free to contact me on this form below or send me a voicemail using the app on the right side of the page and let me know your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you and in helping you out.


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